Bonjour guys! How are you? EID MUBARAK! I hope you all have an awesome-sauce Eid :D  Anyways heres my Eid outfit! I'll post more pics later iA.
Me and my lil sis. And yeah the paint splats are weird..

Eid outfit: market place
Shoes: Zalora
Purse: Gift


Washi Tape



Bonjour guys!
How has your fast been?

Allhamdulilah my fasting has been going good.

Sadly though for some Muslims around the world that's not the case.
Please pray for them, the people who still fighting and searching for places to safe themselves in Palestine, and those people who got killed, may God give them his heaven. Do it for humanity.

The killings going on in Palestine and Syria and other Muslim countries across the world is sickening. A girl my age or my little sisters age could be sitting right now, scared to death that they could die any moment or their best friend could die any moment. It's horrifying that parents have to feel the helplessness that is not being able to shield their children and keep them safe and sound. I just can't imagine it. It's all so horrid. Please PRAY! Please everyone! Or sign a petition or protest on the streets of your town. Whatever you do, do it with your heart. With the intention of saving all these people who are no more different than you and me. We are one. Brothers and sisters that don't need to fight and kill and try to justify past acts with violence and revenge. No. You don't need to be a Muslim to care and help. You just have to be human.

Names of those killed by Israel (thus far) since Tuesday. 

Remember them in your prayers


*Walt Disney
And many others products beginning with code 729 .. !AT least make sure ur not paying for the weapons that are killing ur brothers and sisters....THINK OF THE CHILDREN MURDERD NEXT TIME YOU WANT TO BUY THEIR PRODUCTS
Shops & Clothing:
- Starbucks
- Tesco
- M&S
- Disney Shop
- McDonalds
- Hugo Boss
- Sunglass Hut
- Giorgio Armani
- Calvin Klein
- Ralph Lauren - Playtex
- Banana Republic
- River Island
- Timberland 
- Coca Cola
- Fruitopia
- Fanta
- Kia Ora
- Lilt
- Sprite
- Sunkist
- Evian
- Volvic
- Nescafé
- Nesquik - Perrier
- Vittel
Foods & Chocolates:
- Nestle
- Maggi (Noodles)
- Buitoni
- Crosse & Blackwell
- KitKat
- MilkyBar
- Quality Street
- Smarties - After Eight - Aero
- Lion
- Polo
- Felix (Cat Food)
Makeup/Perfumes & Health:
- L'Oreal
- Clinique - DKNY
- Prescriptives - Origins - La Mer
- Bobbi Brown
- Tommy (Perfume)
- Bumble & Bumble
- Kate (Cream)
- Johnson & Johnson (Baby Oil)
- Huggies
- Garnier 
- Arsenal Football Club
- Time Warner Time Life Magazine
- Barbie
- Intel - Motorola
- Kotex
- The Sun
- The Times
- Australian Newspapers
- National Geographic
- Star Channels (Indian)
- Sky
- Fox
- Nokia
- Standard Newspapers
- New York Post
- The Telegraph
- Independent



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Ramadan Mubarak, Lovelies!

Jeans: Tesco
Boots: Rue21
Kimono/Robe: Zalora Ethnic Chic
Dress: Rue21
Bonjour! Ramadan Mubarak guys! How are you? Are you fasting? I am and allhamdulilallah my fasting has been going great. I even have managed to finish the first juz of the Quran in an hours time. I've also been trying to watch my temper, be nicer to family and friends, and avert my gaze from inappropriateness. What about you guys? I've also been super duper busy with the Pearls of Paradise bazaar that's set for 22nd July. It's going to be a compilation of a lot of DIY's which ties into recycling, helping the Earth-therefore maintaining what Allah (SWT) has created for us-and also helping the less fortunate. Go to this post on the blog for us Pearls if you don't know who we are and all; plus it'll help explain all that I'm doing. Note that I don't update it much because my computer hates my guts and I'm- as I said before- uber busy and a bit lazy.

So I decided for this post to show you my OOTD and my edit which I basically made from a pretty photo and some online editing tools. Hope you like :D
Also imma gonna give you an awesome-sauce RAMADAN SURVIVAL GUIDE! Huraah! Tomorrow though because now I have to pray and then I have to read my next juz. So see you guys and all the best. Don't worry I'll post. If I don't unfollow- okay don't unfollow.

"When you feel hungry and thirsty in this month remember the hunger and thirst of the Day of Judgment."


I Am Khaleesi

Dress: Zalora Ezra Basics collection
Shoes: Rue21
Necklace: Diva
Shirt: Wet Seal
Bonjour guys :D As you can see I have an OOTD for ya and from the title you can assume that I'm FREAKIN IN LOVE WITH GAME OF THRONES!!!! Anyways that's it. I'm done. Enjoy my pretty clothes you guys. Love ya. Byeeezzz. 


OOTD babes

Shoes: Zalora
Jeggings: Tesco
Dress: Tesco collection
Blouse: Catchup
Hijab: Flea Market
Backpack: Le Sac
Flower crown: I just DIYed a flower crown from Diva
Bonjour! How you guys doin? Here's my #OOTD. YUP I POSTED HAHAHAHA! okay. It has been an inconsistent thing going on here. Anyways I've been reading Game of Thrones. Reading, not watching because it's apparently R-Rated stuff. But lemme say that it is genius. GENIUS! PURE GENIUS! For good gods sake it's amazing. I'm literally crying because of the characters, writing, and sheer awesome fight scenes. I'm most impressed at the female characters. They are actually like real life girls. Not how most guy writers and even girl writers portray females as. No. George R.R. Martin did it well. Sure he could tone it down with the blood and, ehem, nudity (yeah you'd think you couldn't imagine it in a book but no he brings everything EVERYTHING to life) but it's awesome nonetheless. What do you guys think of it? Have you watched the show on HBO or are you reading it? Tell me whatcha think and what you rate my OOTD. Ttyl lovelies: )



Bonjour mes amies!

Haha. Yeah. Don't kill me yet. I know I've been gone forever but with good reason I swear. I HAD EXAMS! Ok? There I said it. I had a lot of Chemistry and World History and Geometry studying to do before I could finally relax and do all that my wee heart desires. So yeah. I even have a list of stuff I want to accomplish this summer break.

1. Become super friggin awesome at applying makeup (test dummies wanted)
2. Make my mark on this world and impact it basically with my new secret underground hush-hush org. called The Awesome Impact Project. Yuuuup.
3. Finish a whole bunch of books including Game of Thrones, Hollow City, and The Hobbit.
4. Republish our book "Bonjour: The Diverse Flowers (An Introduction)" as a hardback with lots of drawings and extra cool stuff
5. Make more money (honey, I need it baaad)
6. Accomplish a lot of my Ramadan goals- a lot of which involve my gals at Pearls of Paradise with our awesome- oh Americans do say 'awesome a heck of a lot- plans of volunteering and doing our bazaar to raise money...etc.
7. Learn to cook exotic dishes
8. Become Tumblr famous and Blogger famous

There's a lot more but basically just know that I WILL OWN THIS SUMMER! *heavy music and amazing explosions in the background commence as I pull on some shades*