Black Women in the Media RANT

Here's a quickie reminder for all y'all haters out there :D BEING A TEENAGE GIRL IS HAAARD!
So let's talk a little bit about black girls in the media. I was thinking about it a lot as I realized that all my favorite on-screen characters are either dudes or white. Sometimes its both. There's nothing wrong with your average kick-butt characters that are dudes like Chris Evans (he will always have a place in my heart) or Scarlett Johanssen, but c'mon people. I need a black girl that doesn't talk about rapping and use slang all the time or die first or act stupid to be in a movie as the main character and do lots of witty banter with a cute boy!!! IS THAT SO HARD TO ASK FOR? Seriously, people need to stop talking about making "strong" female characters and start diversifying the females themselves. We've seen Buffy, Veronica Mars, Natasha Romanoff, Katniss Everdeen, and Hermoine Granger, but have we seen a black girl star as the lead? Have we really? That's So Raven was awesome but still, it was a comedy. I just need a black girl as the lead ok? I don't care what her personality is so long as she's real. So long as she's amazingly amazing and not an filled to the brim with slang and being a basic stereotype. Is that really so hard? Seriously we have Lupita and so many other AWESOME actresses that are also black so why can't they be starring in an amazing movie (they star in awesome movies ok? but they're usually side-characters). Idk. I feel very rant-like today. 


THE (new) ULTIMATE GUIDE TO MAKEUP (for women of color) PART 3

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Here's part 1 and 2 if you forgot ; )

Anyways here are the SOUTH ASIAN BEAUTIES!
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OOTD COMPILATION (I wuz busy guyz so I didn't post anything I'm so sorry!)

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"I’ve got news for you about the Divine...."

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This is a power move.
Expressed by even the best of men, the sentiment likely originated to remind human beings of their own mortality. Typical first encounters with it, after all, are when children are warned to curb a vanity yet to develop. If this is true, it has since evolved to remind only women—and remind us that not only will we die, but even worse, that we will stop being beautiful. And despite the assuring pretenses of the phrase for the woman who agonizes over her appearance, it is commonly cited by men who equate the loss of beauty with the loss of a feminine power—and smugly so.
I was reminded of this yesterday when, leaning back against a wall waiting for my next class to beginning, I held a small mirror in front of me and reapplied my lipstick. I don’t remember what self-depreciating thing I said next, but it prompted a male friend waiting with me to say cheerfully, “Don’t worry too much. After all, beauty fades. We all turn back into clay and return to the earth.” He beamed at me.
I gave him a blank stare. Then, as though having an epiphany, snapped shut my mirror and exclaimed, “Oh my God, you’re right! I never thought of it that way! I guess this really means I should shouldn’t put in any effort, ever. Come to think of it, do you think I should stop reading or completing assignments because aptitude fades? That’s so liberating. Maybe men should stop trying to be funny and failing so hard because senses of humorfade—”
“Okay, okay I get it!” he said.
Then he added, “You know, some people have normal reactions to these things.”
I frowned. What’s a normal reaction? To smile vacuously when men said I was pretty, and laugh orgasmically at sexist jokes?
It was the second time since hearing the phrase as a child that I’d confronted a man about it. The first was a stranger making an effort to have a conversation while I was far too busy daydreaming and had no interest in strangers.
“Sorry, I don’t give people that,” I said to him.
“I asked for your name, not your number.” He grinned. “Yet.”
“I don’t give people that.”
“You don’t give people your name?” His face made it clear this was absurd.
“That’s right.” My name was just as much personal information as anything was;–I had always been, almost inexplicably, reluctant to give it to anyone I felt ought not to be using it.
“You’re just stuck-up,” he snapped. “Women like you are always stuck up. Well, beauty fades so the joke’s on you! You might be beautiful but that’s all you have to offer.”
I repressed elevated laughter. There it was. The joke’s on me. There was the real purpose, the real reminder of the seemingly innocuous statement. The power you had over me will come to an end. “Beauty fades,” is a morbid calm wrapped in a sympathetic guise, a sly affront to the unwavering woman, a desperate lunge to secure a man’s authority—an accusation that feminine power is not everlasting.
I’ve got news for you about the Divine.


Inspo page ��✨☺

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I'm really into the whole "dope" and "hipster" styles lately. Tres chic and super fierce! So bold lips and eyes with gold chains, black maxi dresses, and fake glasses are superb right now! What u into ? 




Recently I saw Captain America 2 (The Winter Soldier).
And lemme say. WHOA. WHOA. WHOA!!! It was too freakin epic for words. But what made that movie the most epic piece of a movie production???! Well that would have to be good ole awesome-sauce butt-kicker Black Widow (Scarlet Johansson). Not only did she pull a Mean Girls scene pretty well in the beginning of the movie (meaning the 'Hey fellas...' was basically 'get in loser we're going shopping')...
 ...but she kicked some serious booty (like she always does of course). Not only that but she made the movie awesome! Without her I probably wouldn't have watched it. Just like without Pepper in Iron Man 3 I wouldn't have watched it. Remember the end scene?
See?! Pepper not only manages a company, looks good in a sports bra, takes care of Tony Freakin Stark, but also can seriously kick butt!

Giiiiiiirrrrrrrl *insert finger snaps*
 Anywho. I loved Widow in Cap 2. She was (as the pic set says above) a catastrophe in the best way possible and the sass she put in and the wit was just daaaang girl! I'm so glad they didn't ruin her character at all and make her start tellin her sob story to Steve just cuz. (In Hollywood they have a tendency of doing that whenever there's a male and female lead. They kiss and bam babies! Ok. Not like that. But you get the point. The directors ship em hard) So no. The Widow didn't crack at all. She only did with Fury who "died". And I think that's totes appropriate since Nick Fury has been a type of mentor to Widow. A sensei if you will and father figure in my opinion. He's someone she knows she can trust unlike all the other bad apples in her life. So when she went all shocked and then sad I was ugly crying with her. C'mon! It's Nick Fury!!! Anyways Widow ruled. And the actress Scarlet herself will be in a new movie called Lucy and Black Widow! A movie all for the heroine!!!!YAYAYAY!
*leaves blog like a boss with explosions behind and hair bangin*


THE (new) ULTIMATE GUIDE TO MAKEUP (for women of color) PART 2


Here's the link to the last post if you forgot about it...

So I'm continuing with the whole make up looks for women of color and basically I'll be doin all Asians here. That means Oriental and South Asians too :D Okie dokie let's get to it then. Oh-! Wait! Before I begin lemme finish my post from last time with a few more Black girl beauties. Here we go:

via Lime Crime on instagram

Lais Ribeiro after Gaultier Couture (with makeup)
OMG HER LIPS!!! (that's Erica Fae btw)
Aren't these gals gorgeous?!!
I know it's sometimes hard for Black girls to find makeup inspiration or basically role models to look up to in the media. So I complied a list of popular Black girls for ya:
1. Beyonce (cuz yes she's the queen)
2. Solange
3. Chanel Iman
4. Aaliyah
5. Nicki Minaj (don't hate on her!)
6. Tyra Banks
7. Willow Smith
8. Nyota Uhura (she's a character on Star Trek played by Nichelle Nichols in the original series and Zoe Saldana in the new movies)
 (Okay I'm tryin to make this post quick so comment below any girls I missed)
Here are some awesome colored Youtubers...
1. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAakD8jDdAya5f59XRfiIuQ
2. http://www.youtube.com/user/wallaceef
3. http://www.youtube.com/user/shamelessmaya
4. http://www.youtube.com/user/MichellePhan
5. http://www.youtube.com/user/BeeUtifullyMade
6. http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP8uyQx2oHRQYieaHdFiXEg
7. http://www.youtube.com/user/summer0892


For Asian (Oriental) girls they have loads of inspiration from the ever rising and (soon to take over the world) growing universe of K-POP. It's basically Korean pop music. A little weird to outsiders of the k-popverse but it's actually pretty good. The girl bands aren't always my favorite but I love their makeup and colorful hair! It's always so vibrant and beautiful :D In Korea they already have lots of interesting beauty crazes that would take forever to list. Let's just say beauty is a big deal there and goes with the whole status thingy. Anyways-! These pics and gifs will explain all. Asian gals of Oriental- okay wait, girls of every skin color can own these k-pop girl looks.

Note: I also have some non-k-pop girl looks for ya!
Note (again): A lot of Asian girls with small eyes are told that you should make your eyes look bigger albeit through makeup, surgery, or circle lenses. Remember that eyes big and small look awesome! If someone tells you otherwise then kick them where the sun don't shine-! Okay wait. No. I'm not promoting violence on this blog. No don't kick them. That's bad. Inform them through song ok? Ok. Anywho. Just know that you can change your eyes if you want too! If YOU WANT TOO! Unless your mom says no. Sorry dude, don't argue with your mom.

Fan Bing Bing I think
From After School
Choi Sooyoung from Girls Generation
This awesome girl is Lee Hi! She's a 17 yo singer and rising in the kpop industry. 

CL from 2NE1
A model for a Korean makeup brand  I can't quite remember right now...was it Nona? Not sure...
The awesome Michelle Phan
Amy Pham from The Platform on Youtube
@misswinny1 on instagram

Now here are the SOUTH ASIAN GIRLS! Here ya go home grrls...It's short because there will be a part 3 where I give links for some awesome makeup looks for everyone and then some more South Asian girls pics and some South Asian youtubers as well.
Hope you enjoyed and stay tuned for more!

Au revoir for now :D